Lake Trobbo is situated next to Lake Sibbo, a private lake partly owned by Hånö Säteri, who has two rental boats in the lake, known for a real good zander, perch & pike fishing.

Together with Hånö we offer daily rentals on the lake.

Catch & release policy

Guide trips on demand

Boats: Uttern 465 with outboard 4-strokes, sonar, map, anchor, net, gasolin & fishing licences.   

Daily rentals and can be combined with our fishing packages in Lake Sibbo.

Nearest airport: Stockholm Skavsta (40 minutes drive)

Fishing for pike, zander & pike.

Season: From middle of april until mid october

 Price: 2000 sek/boat/day (max 3 persons)

Booking: +4670-5120405

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