Big Fish Sweden offers the best fishing destinations in Sweden for pike, zander, perch, sea trout & salmon with the standards that has made us unique:

Big Predators

High Quality


Sustainable fishing.  

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In collaboration with:

Jean Jältsten

Big Fish Sweden Owner & Fishing Guide

Piero Ometto

Big Fish Sweden Owner & Fishing Guide



Andy Lo

Fishing guide in Lake Sibbo and a real big fish spotter. Has a yearly track record of really big pikes and has a 24/7 fishing attitude. Fish also pikes in the northern part of Sweden and loves ice fishing.

Pelle Jältsten

Camp Manager in Lake Sibbo taking care of rental boats, Sibbo house & to guide clients in Lake Sibbo & the Baltic Sea (Muskö/Utö & Gotland). Started working as a guide in 1996. Really good at finding big Pikes & Zanders with jigs & a true Sea Trout specialist.

Jocke Pettersson

Fishing guide in Lake Sibbo & the Baltic Sea. A member of CWC fishing team. Fish anywhere & everywhere. Known for big pikes, halibuts & perch.

Cecilia Grönberg

Fishing guide in Lake Sibbo & Lake Mälaren. Known as the "Zanderqueen" for her skills in catching really monster BIG zanders. Always with a smile on her face although with a 100 % focus. Member of CWC Fishing team.